Am I Just Sensitive?

Last December 21, 2011, by God’s grace, my husband and I reaffirmed our wedding vows in the presence of Christ in our hearts, our family and our closest friends.

Here is the story.  I grabbed some pics from the photographer’s FB site to show it to some friends.  I showed the pictures with excitement because I was so high about God’s Faithfulness. Suddenly, one of them made remarks such as: “ganon talaga angle parati?,”(same face angle on every pic)  “di man lang naedit” (photographer didn’t edit it; she was talking about my light armpit lines).  After such remarks, I really felt bad.  She could have just kept quiet because it felt like she was looking for the flaws of my wedding pics. It seemed to me that she didn’t want to share with my happiness. 

Am I just sensitive or is she insensitive? How would you feel if you were in that situation?  Can you tell what my emotion is telling me? I would appreciate your thoughts.


About kikaymomtrepreneur

A working mom and a part-time entrepreneur who loves everything that can make all of us beautiful. Look forward to read about beauty products, food, places and basically everything about mommy stuff. Stay happy and beautiful! Enjoy life!
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