Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette and Bent Liner Brush

I consider concealer as a must in your basic make-up kit. As we all know, it hides our dark circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections.  My skin is not perfect LOL.  So even I am always in a rush to get to the office on time, I make sure that I have my BB Cream and my concealer on.  Yet I must also confess that sometimes, it leaves me no choice but to leave the house with just my Lip Balm on. Good thing I am using HHN’s Tinted Lip Balm.  It can still give a lift on my look. 

Going back to concealer, I have finished my Surprise Essence Concealer which I bought from Etude House few months back.  So last December, I knew that one of our bosses is coming back from the US. Since everyone in the office was asking her to get stuff for them, I immediately shopped for some make-up essentials. By the way, the boss didn’t pay those items for us.  We just asked a favor from her and  items were only shipped to her US address( Now you now how nice she is ;p). In fact I ordered a lot of cosmetics but  only 2 out of 5 items were in stock at that time.  I was eyeing on 3 E.L.F Eyecolor Palettes for 5 USD each.  Since it was peak season (sigh!), I was only able to get stocks from Sonia Kashuk. I bought the Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette and the Bent Eyeliner Brush.

Here are some pictures. only packed the items in a small pouch. Look what happened to the setting powder 😦 

But, I found a remedy for it :). I washed my empty Ellana Mineral Make-up Jar and transferred the setting powder.

What Kikaymomtrepreneur thinks

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette

Price: I can’t remember I am sorry, but I think I paid Php500 for this

Where to Buy? Target

Rating: 3.9/5.0

(you can click the pic to enlarge)

  • Affordable for a concealer palette
  • Thick texture
  • Good coverage
  • Works for fair to medium skintone (the yellow and salmon shades work for me)
  • Staying power: 4-6 hours
  • Thin layer is sufficient to cover my dark circles
  • Thumbs-up for concealing the puffiness of my eyes (didn’t have this kind of coverage from Etude House Concealer). 
  • I like the magnetic lock
  • New packaging comes with 1 sable hair brush and 1 nylon brush (huhu! I have the old packaging so it doesn’t come with brushes but its’ fine)


  • Use it sparingly . It can get cakey when layered with foundation
  • Use your ring finger instead of a concealer brush. The body/skin heat will help set the concealer thus will have a lesser possibility of setting on fine lines.  
  • Not for people with darker skintone

 Overall, Sonia Kashuk should come-up with the same palette that has darker shades. This concealer palette only carries the perfect shades for women with fair to medium skintone. 

By the way, if you are looking for my post about the Bent Eyeliner Brush, I haven’t used it yet.  So I would probably have a separate post about that;)  Have a blessed Sunday!


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