Love Minerals Passion Fruit Hydrating Lipstick

Human Heart Nature recently launched the Love Minerals Passionfruit Lipstick.

Regular Price: Php 245.00

Introductory Price: Php 195

Available in 4 shades: Pink Skies (for Pinks/Mauves), Sweet Nectar(for Neutrals), Coral Kiss (for Peaches/Corals),and Earth Angel (for Browns)

How Human Nature Describes it

Most lipsticks contain an array of toxic chemicals such as lead, carmine from crushed insects and mineral oil, which speeds up ageing in skin and lips.  Passionfruit oil is a perfect natural moisturizer for kissable lips without ageing side effect.

Some of the ingredients are Passion Fruit seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Rice Bran Oil

What Kikaymomtrepreneur thinks

Product Rating:  3.7/5.0

  • 100% natural
  • No yucky taste and smell
  • Creamy texture
  • A moisturizing and shimmer lipstick
  • Sheer finish (I am not sure but this is what it gives to my lips)
  • Day and work lipstick 
  • Minimal lip dryness/perfect for chapped lips
  • Perfect to blend with darker lip colors (use it as base for minimal lip dryness)
  • Staying power is only up to 3 hours (Based on research, shimmer/moisturizing lipsticks easily wear-off and reallly needs reapplication because it is similar to tinted lip balms.)
  • Only 4 shades to choose from 😦 but you can experiment your own color by blending these shades
  • Pink Skies is too light for my skin tone

Here are the swatches.

Overall,  I use Sweet Nectar shade as my work lipstick. The product is perfect for everyday use because I love the benefits I can get from its’ organic ingredients. The fact that it is called a hydrating lipstick, it helps minimize the appearance of lines on my lips.


About kikaymomtrepreneur

A working mom and a part-time entrepreneur who loves everything that can make all of us beautiful. Look forward to read about beauty products, food, places and basically everything about mommy stuff. Stay happy and beautiful! Enjoy life!
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