Make-up Workshop Part1: Suesh

How was your weekend ladies? If you were to ask me how my weekend went, it was so good because I attended my very first make-up workshop at Suesh. 

Suesh is known for its’ high-quality make-up tools at affordable prices.  They often conduct a 3-hour Basic and Advanced Make-up workshops, and I took advantage of it. I came across their multiply store last November 2010 when I was supposed to get a cosmetic case. Yet, I saw a link that says Make-up Workshop.  Upon seeing the link, I had to choose whether to buy a cosmetic case or attend a make-up class, but because of my passion to enhance my basic make-up skills,  I immediately sent a message to Ms. Sheryll Ong ,  owner of Suesh,  to reserve a slot for the Basic Make-up Workshop instead. The module includes topics on Skincare, Day, and Night Make-up.  Finally, my much-awaited make-up workshop happened last February 5, 2011.   

Suesh Mini Make-up Workshops are often scheduled on weekends, and they hold sessions at their Victorian-themed showroom located in Greenhills. I just failed to take photos of it due to excitement hehe.  It was like heaven.  They sell almost all-kinds of professional cosmetic tools, from cases, brushes to artist palettes, etc. . . anything that you can think of.

Hearing Ms. Suzanne’s introduction about skincare and make-up application felt like I had enough basic knowledge in make-up artistry, but then I was wrong. The moment we had our hands-training, my hands turned cold and it felt like it was my first time to hold my make-up brushes. Believe me! lol.  

Now, what is the most challenging part? The most challenge part of the session  for me was shaping my brows.  It took me an hour to get the perfect shape lol. 

Here are the photos I would like to share with you.

Ms. Suzanne teaching us the right stroke in applying liquid foundation and answering the students’ questions. As you can see, each student is provided with a lighted vanity mirror.

We were required to come without any make-up on, but I failed to take a photo of myself prior to make-up application.  So I just grabbed a photo from my mobile phone that can support the “no make-up description” hehe.  I am not confident that I did well so be the judge. hahaha.

And of course, I get to take home my 21-pc Professional Brush Set.  

I was supposed to purchase the 28-pc Brush Set but when I told Ms. Suzanne about my plans, she suggested this set instead.

Until next update.


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A working mom and a part-time entrepreneur who loves everything that can make all of us beautiful. Look forward to read about beauty products, food, places and basically everything about mommy stuff. Stay happy and beautiful! Enjoy life!
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10 Responses to Make-up Workshop Part1: Suesh

  1. Iya Santos says:

    congrats mommy for attending the make-up workshop! i hope you get more opportunities to learn. AT MA-PRACTICE SA AMIN. hihihhi!

  2. emily says:

    very nice!
    practice lang ng practice and dare to experiment on colors! 🙂

    • Hahaha…too basic nga lang ng colors na ginamit ko dito. I was so amazed lang because I used around 5-6 colors and came-up with that look. I need to master the color wheel to create the best color combination.hehe..

  3. Tricia says:

    Makeup artistry is not as easy as it looks pala.. Go, Riz!

  4. sab says:

    Hi! How are you finding the Suesh brushes? I’m thinking of purchasing a few key pieces to add to my collection and am looking for reviews about them.

    • Hi sab! Thanks for dropping by.

      I haven’t posted my review yet :), but I am happy with my brush set. So far I have only used the Foundation Brush, 2 Eyeshadow Brushes, Slanted/Eyeliner Brush, Blush Brush,Lip Brush and my favorite is the Bullet Brush. They are soft, don’t shed and no “pinpricking feeling” when you run the brushes on your face.

      Go and get one for yourself! 🙂 It’s worth the price.I paid 4.5k for the both the workshop and 21pc brush set. 😉

  5. rOxy says:


    I am having a had time finding suesh kiosk and even their website. Your blog made me very interested. I hope yo could help me find suesh 🙂

    how much was their workshop? how many hours?

    bodyshop provides brushes and make-up for the workshop – does suesh do too?

    hope to hear from you soon!


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