Wonders of HHN Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

Dark under eye circles is a common problem among women.  Based on research, they are visible for the following reasons:

  • Heredity: Dark circles under the eyes can be an inherited trait. If you have dark circles, then it is likely that other members of your family have dark circles too. The skin under the eye is very thin. When blood flows through veins close to surface of the skin it can produce a bluish tint. If your skin is transparent then the darker the circles will be. Transparent skin is also a inherited trait.
  • Exposure to Sun: Exposure to sun especially during the summer months can make the skin under the eyes look darker. This is true for dark skinned people as well. Suntans are caused by an increase in the natural pigmentation of the skin, as a result of exposure to the sun. This increase in pigmentation is drawn to the surface. This applies to the skin under the eyes as well.
  • Allergies and Eczema: Any infection of the eye that leads to itching can contribute to dark circles as rubbing and scratching the eyes darkens the skin. People who suffer from hay fever will notice that dark circles appear when the allergy is at its height. Certain food allergies can cause dark circles too.
  • Medication: Any medication that dilates your blood vessels can cause dark circles under the eyes. As the skin under the eye is delicate an increase in blood shows through the skin in the form of dark circles.
  • Nutrition: An improper diet, an unbalanced diet or lack of a nutritious diet can cause dark circles under the eye.
  • Tiredness and Lack of Sleep: A lack of sleep or excessive tiredness can cause the skin under the eyes to become pale, thus, making the blood flowing under it visible.
  • Pregnancy and Menstruation: During pregnancy and menstruation the skin becomes pale and the veins under the skin become visible.
  • Age: As you grow older there are greater chances that you will have dark circles and they may become more prominent and permanent. If there are too many folds in the skin under the eyes, it will make the dark circles more prominent. From : http://beauty.iloveindia.com/basic-tips/dark-circles.htmls

I must admit! I am one of those women who has this major problem.  My under eye area is also dry that makes fine lines more visible without a concealer.   Since I was in college, I was in search for a good under eye moisturizer that has the “no-tears” formula(something that does not sting the eye).  I have tried several products but decided to discontinue use due to allergic reactions.  Now, I have the best under eye moisturizer! My favorite product for my beauty regimen.

Okay! So…allow me introduce to you my eyes’ best friend, Human Nature’s  Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil.

How much? Php99.75/approx 2 point someting USD

Size: 50ml

I actually bought this prior to becoming a dealer of Human Nature Products. I have been using this for almost 2 months now, and I am satisfied with the result it gives to my skin.

Human Heart Nature’s Description of the product

  • Premium cleansing oil removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara
  • Nourishes skin with Vitamins A,D, and E.
  • Used as gentle under eye moisturizer
  • Helps minimize dark circles
  • Removes fine line and smooth out wrinkles
  • Perfect for stretch mark preventions for expectant moms

What Kikaymomtrepreneur thinks

Before and after swatch


My eyes are really puffy lol!


Be the the judge!

  • Hubby told me though that my dark circles have lighten, so dark circles have gradually improved
  • Less visible fine lines
  • Well-moisturized under eye area
  • Does not sting my eyes (I can apply it up to my lashline)
  • No allergic reactions (I have the habit of rubbing and scratching my eyes because they tend to be so itchy with other under eye moisturizer)
  • Lightens dark areas (all dark areas that you can think of)
  • Small amount goes a long away
  • Less sticky compared to baby oils
  • Very affordable

Aside from the fact that it’s organic,the best thing about this product is,  it is a Multipurpose oil.  I use it as a make-up remover, a moisturizer for hands, feet, elbows, and feet with Human Nature’s Hand and Foot Salve.  I soooo much love the softness it gives!. However, I don’t like its’ scent.  It smells like cooking oil lol, but who cares?! It does wonders on my skin!

My Tips

  • Dry the area completely prior to application
  • Use only a small amount since it’s oil-based
  • Use it twice a day
  • As under eye moisturizer, allow it to set for 10 minutes prior to under eye concealer application
  • Be patient in using beauty products.  Most beauty products give visible results after a couple of months.  Of course, you also have to use it consistently.


Human Nature did a good job in formulating this kind of beauty oil.   It’s very affordable considering that it gives my skin a lot of benefits, and as I have mentioned, it is my eyes’ best pal :).

So girl friends, have you had a good experience using this miracle oil? Have you tried it or are you willing to try it?


About kikaymomtrepreneur

A working mom and a part-time entrepreneur who loves everything that can make all of us beautiful. Look forward to read about beauty products, food, places and basically everything about mommy stuff. Stay happy and beautiful! Enjoy life!
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18 Responses to Wonders of HHN Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

  1. emily says:

    tried this! alam mo yan! haha.
    yeah, it’s effective if you use it religiously.
    keber na smell as long as it works! 🙂

  2. Iya Santos says:

    kelangan ko ito! mukha na akong racoon!

  3. Tricia says:

    Ang galeng naman! It’s nice to read & see products that are really working 🙂

  4. kris says:

    how many months did it take for you to see the results? tgal nmn ng 2 months..hehehehe..can i also ask what concealer do you use? thanks! =)

    • Hi kris! Thanks for reading my blog. Patience lang talaga. Two months yung pag lighten ng dark circles ;). Matagal talaga. Pero yung fine lines mga 1 month. I use Super Essence Concealer from Etude House. :).

  5. skysenshi says:

    Thanks for the tip! I just bought a bottle of this. My skin is so tired these days, I need something that’s organic and natural but effective. 🙂

  6. Adet Manabat says:

    My hair grew beautifully because of this. Very few drops made my locks soft to touch and manageable. Less split-ends! The right amount can make your hair glossy and beautiful (any more would make the hair greasy-looking). It even eased the itchy feeling I once had on my scalp before. Love this! ♥

  7. rOxy says:


    i just purchased 3 hair products from hhn. i am very interested in using the “magic oil”, but i’m more concern of its underarm use.

    it says in the new brochure that its effective as a underarm “brightener”, have you tried it? and does it really make magic in your UA?

    the picture really helped and its a good review.


  8. Hi Roxy!

    Thank you! I am glad this blog helped you :).

    Although I have tired this on several dark areas which in fact lightened those areas (not really whitened), I haven’t tried it on my underarms . What I actually use for my underams is HHN’s Deodarant that made chicken skin less visible :). I wish I can post a pic here LOL.

  9. rOxy says:

    that was funny. Oh, I am planning to try it too. Does it actually help lighten the skin?

    it’s really to have someone ask for their actual observation/review.


  10. I still use it as part of my daily beauty regimen. To answer your question, I just saw the effects on the dark areas which I can’t talk about in this post because it’s too personal LOL LOL

    My skintone/complexion is too fair to see the lightening effects on my face and legs hehe(You think?;)). I just wish HHN will soon come-up with organic whitening products. Something like pure papaya, goat’s milk, calamansi. Right?! 🙂 I am sure this will be a hit to us Filipino women.

  11. ej says:

    hi.. this is really very helpful since i just got my first bottle today. but i tried researching the pros and cons of sunflower oil on the net before stumbling on your blog. i just have to ask if its tru that sunflower oil contains omega-6 and a high omega-6 in the body may can cause breast cancer. i am also planning to get pregnant thats why i’m starting to shift to organic products so i do my best to research on them. i read from an article that vitamin A is potentially risky to developing fetus. any help?? thank you

    • Thanks for dropping by :).

      I must admit that I ain’t no expert 🙂 so I consulted someone to provide you(and the rest of the readers) with the best answer, I want to quote what she said about this (special thanks to Ms. Monique).
      “Omega-6 is found in almost all vegetable oils. It’s true that one study has shown increased risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women who consume (i.e. eat) a high amount of it.

      But without Omega-6 in your diet, the incidence of heart disease is greatly increased. In fact, consumption of moderate levels of Omega-6 has has been shown to help IMPROVE diabetes, osteoporosis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, TB and other ailments. It all comes down to how much you consume. If you cook with sunflower oil for most meals and eat a lot of oily food, you may be getting too much. That’s when there may be an increased risk of breast cancer. If you take vegetable oils (not only sunflower oil) in moderation and do not eat oily/fried food every day, there will be no danger – you will get the positive effects of Omega-6 instead. So the golden rule of life is, everything in moderation 🙂

      But this all relates to food. Sunflower Beauty Oil is used on the skin, just a few drops at a time (if that). This is far, far less than you would consume in even one slice of bread with sunflower oil margarine (roughly ten days usage of Beauty oil) or if you fried an egg in sunflower oil (perhaps 20-30 times more oil than using Beauty oil on your face). The high consumption of sunflower oil associated with higher risks of breast cancer can only come from eating a lot of fried/oily food cooked in vegetable oils (on pretty much a daily basis). Beauty oil possess no risk. “

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