McCormick’s Buffalo Wings

I was craving for Don Henrico’s Buffalo Wings last weekend, then I suddenly saw McCormick’s Classic Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix at the supermarket.

I never had second thoughts of purchasing this, because McCormick has never failed my taste buds with their seasonings.  Thanks to McCormick! Hubby and I did not spend much to satisfy my craving!lol.

You will see the cooking instructions inside, but I didn’t follow steps 3 and 4.

Here is my version:

1. Open Pack 1 and cover 5-6 pieces of chicken wings with coating mix

2. Deep fry

3. In a seperate pan, saute 3 tsp minced garlic.

4. Open Pack 2 and pour it to the pan (set stove to very low fire).

5. Place chicken cuts in the heated pan and stir until meat is completely coated with sauce.

6. Serve with garlic ranch dressing (Lady’s Choice Garlic Ranch dressing can complete this meal 😉

Yummy ;p

Did I like it?  Yes! It’s spicy! (hubby and I like spicy dishes)

Rating: 7/10


  • We enjoyed our meal!
  • Sauteed garlic made a difference
  • Garlic ranch dressing will give life to the taste
  • Matches better with beer than rice (lol)
  • Claims to have no MSG
  • Other flavors available: Screamer, Teriyaki and Barbeque (I”ll try teriyaki next time)


  • Did not satisfy my craving for Don Henrico’s Buffalo Wings (probably their buffalo wings is the best I have ever tasted!  There’s something different with the taste, agree with me?!)
  • Garlic ranch dressing is not included in the pack (had to purchase Lady’s choice garlic ranch dressing or make your own).
  • Chicken sauce does not make wings juicy (I am not sure if it’s because of how I fried the chicken or it’s because of the sauce hehe).

Despite of the cons I have stated above, I would still include this in my grocery list because of the quick prep time. Hubby and I would also need this on busy days  and for our midnight snack  (lol!no wonder I’m gaining weight!). At the same time, as what I have posted earlier, McCormick has never failed my taste buds.

To all buffalo wings lover out there, have you ever tried this product? How does it taste?


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3 Responses to McCormick’s Buffalo Wings

  1. emily says:

    cute naman! cooking with rizza ito! wish i can cook din like you! 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    I love Don Hen’s buffalo wings, too! I ensure to order that dish whenever we eat there. As much as I love food (FOOOOOOOD!), it never propelled me to cook for myself & for others. In short, selfish lang ko. LOL. Made me smile that you & Mai’s same taste in dishes presents you with sweet moments like this in the kitchen ♥ Love this post. Makes me want to try to cook 😉 Chos!

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