Say Hello to Kikaymomtrepreneur!

I  love reading beauty blogs and lurking around parenting forums.  I can probably spend a day reading about beauty product reviews, make-up tutorials, style and fashion.  Aside from reading, I always tell Iya, who is my seatmate at work,  how  Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats (Philippines Top Beauty Blogger) inspires me to write about make-up, skincare, haircare, etc (Thank you Ms. Nikki for inspiring me). She inspires me because she writes about stuff I also love, and since some friends always seek for make-up and parenting tips, I have finally decided to write about it on the web.  This is it!! This is my first post ever on WordPress!  (I’d like to congratulate my self! LOL).

So to all single ladies and mommies out there, enjoy reading my posts on beauty, wellness, food, places and everything about being a mom! God Bless!


About kikaymomtrepreneur

A working mom and a part-time entrepreneur who loves everything that can make all of us beautiful. Look forward to read about beauty products, food, places and basically everything about mommy stuff. Stay happy and beautiful! Enjoy life!
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3 Responses to Say Hello to Kikaymomtrepreneur!

  1. emily says:

    i’m not a mom but i love everything beautiful. including you! 🙂
    welcome to wordpress! mwah.

  2. Tricia says:

    Your blog has been bookmarked! ;))

  3. Iya Santos says:

    thanks for the mention, riz! blog more! *mwah*

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